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Foreign mortgages

As a Swedbank client, you can apply for a mortgage on property in France, Spain or Portugal. The purchase price must be at least € 175 000 and the loan amount must be at least € 100 000.

5 advantages of having a mortgage directly on the foreign property

  • Always a better choice to connect the loan to the object you are spending the loan amount on
  • Avoiding a “lock-in” of your Swedish property as your situation might change in the future
  • No currency risk between the loan and the property/your asset, since the loan is paid out in euro
  • We do a legal check to make sure the property can be pledged, that also insure you to be able to sell without legal problems in the future (unless you do changes without registration of course).
  • In Spain and France, inheritance tax and wealth tax are applied, which means that having a mortgage loan is often an advantage.

Important about expenses

Higher cost when purchasing abroad

Generally, it is more expensive to purchase a property abroad compared to Sweden.

We cannot give an exact cost estimate at an early stage. Instead, we use an approximate percentage to help you calculate your expenses: 

  • Spain + 15%
  • Portugal + 10%
  • France + 12%

Your legal contact will later on present the exact cost.

Expenses when buying

Below yo find some of the most important expenses to consider when buying an apartment or a house. 

  • Registration of ownership (property title)
  • Mortgage certificate
  • Notary and registration expenses
  • Valuation
  • Swedbank establishment fee and yearly fee
  • Client’s legal representative
  • Fees for lawyer to secure mortgaging (appointed by Swedbank, cannot be the same lawyer as the client’s legal representative)

To buy a property abroad

Get a loan promise first

Do  you need a loan promise before going forward? Contact your local branch in Sweden to apply for a loan promise. 

Fastighetsbyrån can help you buy and sell a property abroad

Swedbank Fastighetsbyrå AB is represented with more than 20 branches in Spain and Portugal, all with Swedish-speaking staff.